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“If you want to significantly take your life to a whole new level, then place your trust in Burke Hedges.”

Gary Ryan Blair


“Burke hauthor-img-2as touched many lives around the world with his enthusiasm, experience, & zest for life. I highly reccomend all of Burkes materials.”

Katherine Brown


“I’ve read both of Burke’s books & they’ve helped me to build an organization of over 20,000 people. He’s a great teacher!”

Raymond Tay


“Burke has tremendous vision . His Parable of the Pipeline book was so clear. It just made sense and had a great impact in my life.”

Lou Abbott


“I’ve worked with Burke professionally and as a friend & he’s had incredible impact on my life. He’s made me a better person.”

Ron Jenson


“Burke Hedges has been a life-saver for me!”

– Mark Bronkowski,

Barnigate, New Jersey

“Burke, thank you so much for fitting our group into your schedule. I have received numerous positive comments and emails. One contractor told me we hit a home run. Others went home that night and started reading your book. Another has already applied some of the principals to her business. All great things. Thank you for making a difference.”

– David Mueller

NARI Tampa, FL

Thanks again for your great talk in Tampa! I am being honest here when I tell you, we have had a number of great professional speakers that we have brought to that room. For me personally, your talk has been the very best!

– Gary Downard

Ameri Plan

Spectacular, That’s the best description I can find for this past weekend we spent at Burke Hedges retreat. I’m not sure if the name retreat is an appropriate term for what took place. When you hear the word retreat it creates a visual picture of beaches and sunsets. Those items were left out of this particular event, although we did almost see a sunrise, after working well into the wee hours of the morning.

So how could it have been spectacular you ask? Results, goals attained, hard work that will pay dividends for Link2BeFree for many years to come. The weekend included 30 individuals, IER’s from all aspects of the business, some old time networkers and some that have never been involved in the industry. The home office and board of managers were in attendance as well as a judge, an accountant, several full time networkers, an automotive production line employee, a nurse, married couples, single people, and more. In a word we had representation from all walks of life and every opinion was considered. Every single person had a say in what we accomplished during our time together.

I have been to many weekend trainings, some targeting personal growth and some focusing on business building skills, but I have never, ever had any one of them come close to what I went through with these unique individuals. I will never forget the magic of this group. I will never forget the level of commitment that was made to Link2BeFree. I will cherish this weekend forever.

– Tim Rice

Network Marketing Professional
Detroit, MI


I wanted to forward the email I sent to Jeff Keller. I’ve wanted to send you an email for quite some time, but didn’t know where to send it. Thanks to Jeff, I hope this makes it to you.

I purchased and read your book “You Inc.” several months ago and found it to tell it like it is, so to speak, about what it takes to advance oneself to greatness. Yes, we are responsible for our lives, and possess the ability to go anywhere, and be anything we set our minds to be. I personally like when you said, “replace bad habits with productive habits”. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. We just have to take baby steps, and have the desire to help others to achieve success.

I just wanted to say Thank You, a thousand times, Thank You!

– Larry Murawski

Georgia, USA

“Read and use your books. Thank you so very much for helping out in my journey in MLM and now have more than 10,000 people with VIVA Life Science, Inc., USA starting out from Malaysia.”

– Raymond Tay


“Financially, I’ve gone from being a starving, broke, and suffering college student to an income in the top 3 to 4% in the country! Burke’s program has been an awesome asset as far as my personal performance in the industry. I don’t try to re-invent the wheel. I’ve just been doing what he does. He’s successful at it, so why do anything different?”

– Kevin Flynn

Detroit, Michigan

“I had one month where my check was for $26,000, which is a whole lot more than I make in intensive care nursing in a whole year. I followed Burke Hedge’s program in the beginning of my business, and it was get off the ground from day one!!”

– Kathy Schindler Brown

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Within 10 months I was earning consistently over $10,000 a month. Anyone who takes the time to learn the principles in Networking Dynamics will succeed, no doubt about it!”

– Peter Webster

Toronto, Canada


Burke Hedges has delivered, in simple terms, the explanation why so many people in this country are struggling financially. Until people realize that they are allowing their boss to tell them what kind of house to live in, what kind of car to drive, what vacation to take, they will never recover their “American Dream.” Read the book and find out why. Highly recommended!

BOOK: Who Stole the American Dream

Reviewer: A reader from Dayton, OH

the truth!

Burke Hedges gives the bare truth in this book, WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM! I read it when I began my mlm career a year ago. It has information in it which exposes corperate America for the monster it has become or may of always been. I also was priviledged to hear Mr. Hedges in person at my first New Image International, Inc. national conference in Orlando, Fl. last Jan. He is a wise man in the truth of mlm! I have grown a lot since last Jan. and owe much of it to this book. Thank-you Burke for being bold enough to tell the truth

BOOK: Who Stole the American Dream

Reviewer: from Georgia, USA

Life is like a 10-Speed bike.

“Life is like a 10-Speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use”

For example, we all know childhood friends who were blessed with great athletic abilities… but who have chosen as adults to let their God-given talents go unused while they willingly turn themselves into overweight couch potatoes.

We all know childhood friends who were so full of adventure and passion in their youth… but who have chosen to become increasingly sullen and bitter as they grow older.

We all know “Whiz Kids” from High School and College who were always heading up class projects and fund-raisers… but who as adults have traded in their entrepreneurial spirits for a “secure” job they hate.

Do you think those people are using all 10 of their gears? Or do you think they’re stuck in low gear because it’s easier to turn the pedals? Sure, it may be easier to turn the pedals in low gear, but its also easier to spin your wheels and get stuck in a rut!

The purpose of this book is to offer the information that will allow us to have all the things in life that we deserve. But understanding the principles discussed in You Inc. … and then by incorporating them into our lives, I’m convinced we will improve the quality of our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

Can you look in the mirror and honestly say you’re living up to your fullest potential?

Or are you holding back on your potential… and holding out on the quality of your life by not being all you can be?

adly, too many of us have “forgotten who we are” … and too many of us are “more than what we have become”.

I challenge you to look inside yourself and discover, once and for all, what you can become.

For I truly believe that once you discover the full value of YOU, INC. you will become not only what you were meant to become… you will also become more than you ever dreamed!

BOOK: You, Inc.

Reviewer: Mohammed Faheem Khan (Mumbai, Maharashtra India)

Hedges hits the ball out of the park with this one….

This book was written back in 1996 and boy didn’t Hedges call it right? Many of those people who hung their hopes on a J-O-B now find themselves out of work and attacked Hedges for this book and it’s predecessor, “Who Stole The American Dream”, are probably wishing they had listened to Hedges instead of attacking him. The very popular Rich Dad series of books is interestingly sending out the same message only to a larger audience—you must go from employee to self employed if you want to succeed. The best and fairest boss that you will ever have is the one you see every morning in the mirror. I also recommend “Who Stole The American Dream”, “Cash Flow Quadrant”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Wave 4.”

BOOK: You Can’t Steal Second with Your Foot on First

Reviewer: Louis Caputo (NJ, USA)

Copycat 101 is for winners

This book is a must for anyone involved in Network Marketing . It opens the mind to just what you’ve got you hands on (and the work that is ahead of you). It is an extremely useful prospecting tool as it explains just how Networking works in an ordered and easy to follow (and read) way . Definately motivational in a WAKE UP , YOU’RE IN A GREAT BUSINESS type of way.

BOOK: Copycat 101

Reviewer: Marc Fox (Hawkes Bay , NEW ZEALAND)