About Backbone

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Backbone Press is a division of Backbone Worldwide, Inc., formally INTI Publishing.
Collectively we’ve been supplying the Network Marketing Industry since 1991.
Awareness education and engagement are the pillars of success in Network Marketing.
We are 100% dedicated to providing quality educational resources to the growing Network Marketing community.
Although we are primarily wholesalers to large and growing organizations we also make sure our educational products are available at competitive prices to everyone who wants more knowledge on the booming Network Marketing Industry.
  • We Equip Business Owners with the knowledge and inspiration to grow their businesses
  • We Educate prospects about the benefits of residual income
  • We Explain the potential of owning an affordable business with exponential income
  • We Excite prospects about the freedom of leveraging time and money
  • We Drive home the simple yet powerful dynamics of duplication
  • We Remind readers that today it’s possible to achieve financial independence

It’s not the mountains you conquer, but yourself.

When you know better, you do better!